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Where you could live

When you are looked after by the council you might live in these places and with these people.

Foster carers

Foster carers look after children and young people in their own home. They come from lots of different backgrounds. They may be single or a couple and they can be of different races and religions – they may even have children of their own.

Foster carers are checked, approved and trained to look after other people’s children. They don’t replace your parents but while you live with them you should be treated the same as any other member of their family.

Family and friends foster carers

Not all children who are “looked after” live with foster carers. Sometimes children and young people are cared for by someone in their own family like grandparents, aunties or uncles or a close family friend.

They are assessed just like foster carers to make sure they are able to look after you properly.

Your home

In some very unusual circumstances the courts may allow a young person to live at home. But this must be continually risk assessed by the local council with the right support in place.

Each situation is different so ask your social worker about this.

Residential home

Some young people live in a residential home.

This is when you live with other young people and you are looked after by a team of adults. You should have a key worker who has a special responsibility for looking after you.

Other options

There are some situations where you might need extra support to keep you happy and safe. So you might live somewhere that especially suits you.

There are places that might have other young people living there too and sometimes they might have a school onsite. Wherever you will be living your social worker will talk to you about whether this is what you need.

Staying near to Bracknell

We will do our best to keep you living in or around Bracknell, but this might not always be possible.

Sometimes carers that match you might live further away or there could be reasons it would be better for you to live further away.

If that is the case for you, we will explain the reasons why.