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What is a citizenship ceremony?

Our ceremonies are held in groups, usually of between 10 and 20 people. You will be invited to bring up to 2 guests with you to the ceremony.

On arrival at the ceremony, please show your invitation and any other documents requested prior to the ceremony. Refreshments are served before and after the ceremony.

A pledge card will be handed to you, with the words to the oath or affirmation and pledge that you have to say during the ceremony on it.

The Superintendent Registrar (or deputy) will host the ceremony, and a local dignitary will normally be in attendance to welcome you.

Allegiance Oath or Affirmation

After speeches of welcome, the Superintendent Registrar will invite you to swear the Oath of Allegiance or, if you prefer, to speak the Affirmation of Allegiance (as chosen on your questionnaire). If you are going to swear the Oath before Almighty God, you may bring a holy book with you.

Citizenship certificate

The Dignitary will then present your citizenship certificate; you will also be presented with a welcome pack and gift from Bracknell Forest Council.

The ceremony is closed with the playing of the National Anthem. The ceremony lasts approximately 40 minutes.

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