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Online safety - coronavirus

With the nation self-isolating, people are spending more time online. We should be aware of the risks, especially to young people who tend to be more skilled and more imaginative than adults.

How can we protect them?

It is generally regarded that the top 7 dangers children face online are:

  1. Cyber bullying.
  2. Cyber predators.
  3. Posting private information.
  4. Phishing.
  5. Falling for scams.
  6. Accidentally downloading malware.
  7. Posts that may cause problems for a child later in their life, for example sexting.

The basic principles remain:

  • talk regularly about online safety and what children and young people are using the internet for
  • explore their online world together
  • agree rules about what is OK and what is not
  • manage your family’s settings and controls
  • consider whether it is appropriate for a child to have access to the internet in their bedroom
  • keep your knowledge of internet threats up to date

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