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Apply for a relaxation of working hours

In most cases we will agree to temporary extensions to working hours, Monday to Saturday (excluding bank holidays).

If an extension is agreed, it is the responsibility of developers to make sure that noise from machinery, equipment, vehicles and workers, is kept to a minimum.

Requests may be refused where an extension of hours is likely to have a significant adverse impact upon any adjoining occupiers or uses which are particularly sensitive to noise or other disturbance.

Extensions will generally be agreed for a maximum of 6 months (subject to renewal) or up until the government’s end date of 30 September 2021.

Start now

You may wish to make more significant changes to agreed working hours, or make changes where there are known sensitivities in relation to the site. If so, please provide more information to show that the potential impacts of the changes on adjoining occupiers and users have been considered. Please include details of site management measures intended to address such concerns which should be based on existing good practice.

If you have provided all the information required, we aim to get back to you with our decision within 10 working days.