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Member development

We provide a comprehensive member induction programme, with sessions that are relevant to both new and returning councillors.


The latest dates are below but we are adding more all the time so please check regularly.

We’ve categorised the sessions so you can see at a glance if it is intended for new members (teal), all members (grey) or is role specific (pink).

September sessions

Your sessions and how to book

Role specific training is for members of a particular committee or for those carrying out a specific role. For example, you won’t be selected to hear licensing appeals unless you have completed the licensing training.

It is crucial you attend the code of conduct session to ensure you understand what this means for your role.

We will invite you to sessions via an Outlook appointment which you can accept or decline. This alerts us as to whether you are coming or not.

If there are multiple dates we’ll send you an email with all the details and ask you to indicate which session you’d prefer. An appointment will follow once you’ve chosen.

Sessions are usually held at Time Square but we do use other venues depending on the session requirements.

We try to arrange the majority of all member sessions on Monday evenings to avoid clashes with parish and town council meetings. We tag training onto the relevant committee meeting to reduce the amount of evenings you have to give up. We also offer day time sessions where appropriate.

If you can’t attend a session please look on the intranet where we will provide the slides and materials as soon as possible after the session. We are aiming to film some sessions and the videos will also be available via the intranet. This won’t be a suitable alternative for interactive sessions.

We send reminders the week before via Democracy Snapshot and will send a text to your mobile on the day or night before to make sure you haven’t forgotten.

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