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Democracy - get involved

We work with partners including UK Parliament and the Cabinet Office to create a program of events to encourage democratic participation on a local and national level.

We hope to raise awareness of how local authorities operate and encourage those living, working and studying in Bracknell Forest to make the most of the opportunities available for taking part in decision-making at a local level.

National Democracy Week - 14 to 20 October 2019

Find out about National Democracy Week.

UK Parliament Week – November 2019

Events are taking place across the country including a series of exhibitions which will explore the struggle for women’s votes. We have created a new primary school session to explore women getting the vote, fairness and democracy. Details can be found below.

Sessions for schools

We can run a number of events in schools and local youth groups to raise awareness about democracy and local decision making.

We have created sessions which we can deliver in local primary schools in the area. If there is something specific you wanted us to come and speak about, please get in touch and we will see if we can help.

Fairness and women's suffrage

Children will take part in a fact or fiction quiz themed around voting and women's rights. We will use this opportunity to explore what it might be like if you can't vote. We will talk about the suffrage movement and why voting is important.

Children will then work in groups to sort statements into whether they think something is fair or unfair and we will discuss whether they needed to compromise to come to a consensus. At the end there will be an opportunity to have a photograph with the councillors.

School council visit to the council chamber

Pupils will be able to visit the council offices in Time Square and hold their school council meeting in our council chamber, where decisions are made by local councillors. They will have a tour of our democratic facilities and have a chance to meet the Mayor and learn more about democracy.

Local democracy games

Pupils will learn the difference between an MP and a local councillor and consider what qualities they should consider in an election candidate. There will also be an opportunity to ask local councillors some questions and take part in a mock ballot.

Question and answer sessions with councillors

To give students and children the opportunity to meet local councillors and ask their own questions

Meet the Mayor

The Mayor of the Borough of Bracknell Forest can visit your school to present an assembly on democracy and the role of local councillors and the Mayor.

How to book a session or get involved

To get involved, please contact the Electoral Services Team by: