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Invoice guidance

Suppliers who provide goods or services to us must follow the guidance below when submitting an invoice. Invoices should be submitted to us within 14 days of the provision of goods and services.

Invoices must include the following:

  • date of invoice (plus tax point if not same as invoice date)
  • supplier name, address and VAT registration number
  • supplier bank details
  • the purchase order number provided by Bracknell Forest Council - if there is no official order then the name of the person who requested for the service to be provided
  • the agreed charge (where not complete - a breakdown of the relevant work or services as they relate to this charge or an explanation of a difference in expected charge)
  • confirmation that the services detailed have been fully performed

Where suppliers provide a large number of invoices each month, consideration should be given to consolidating these and providing them in an electronic format.

Please email invoices to:

If you need to post us an invoice, it should be sent to:

Accounts Payable
Time Square
Market Street
RG12 1JD

Please note that the date of invoice receipt is defined as the date of receipt at the address stated on the invoice.

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