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Meet Councillor Lizzy Gibson

Lizzy Gibson

I’m Lizzy Gibson, Conservative councillor for Great Hollands South.

I'm Elizabeth on my birth certificate because my parents chose a flexible name to give me lots of options.

Where would you like to be right now?

I do like to be in the garden. I can’t always do the heavy lifting but I’m a keen ‘lazy gardener’, enjoying a plot that you can potter about in that mostly looks after itself.

My stay-at-home-dad’s part time job was gardening and he used to take us on jobs in the school holidays, so it has a lot of happy memories for me. 

Where’s your favourite place in Bracknell Forest?

South Hill Park – it’s such a useable space for lots of different reasons. I have many fond memories and I love sitting and watching the children playing there.

I also like the fact that you walk through South Hill Park to get to the library, the supermarket, the post office, the scout hut... It’s an oasis of green but a really good hub of facilities.

Tell us something not many people know about you

I have a melodeon (a type of button accordion) and I can still pay a scale on it. I used to be good enough to busk in Oxford city centre and I transported it round in a freezer drawer attached to my bike!

What's something you’re proud of?

We had a very homespun wedding but a few friends told me it was the best one they’d been to.

I’m proud of that because I organised it during a very difficult time: I was caring for my uncle and aunt who were both ill, I had a serious fall whilst 6 months pregnant, we moved house and then got married when baby was just 3 months old.

I’m proud because it was a tough year but we all supported each other and we got through it as a family.

What makes you angry or gets you annoyed?

When people make incorrect assumptions based on their own life and experiences, rather than being able to look from another perspective and reinterpret a situation.

Which local charity are you passionate about?

I volunteer for Bracknell Sling Meet. It's not strictly a charity but a voluntary organisation. It provides great advice about slings and baby carriers to parents, but of course it offers a lot more in terms of peer to peer support on a variety of subjects.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

As a teen I wanted to be either a Montessori teacher or an actor. I chose to work with children because I’d be helping people and less likely to end up working in a bar.

However, once I’d completed my Montessori diploma I worked part time in the local pre-school and supplemented that with a job in the local pub! Although the roles are very similar – in both cases you’re paid to have interesting conversations, serve food and clear up after people!

If you could invite anyone, living or dead, for lunch who would it be?

My grandfather, who died before I was born. During the war, he was on a transport ship to South Africa when Pearl Harbour happened so he was immediately diverted to Singapore. He got out of Singapore just hours before the surrender.

When I was 17 I helped my grandmother have a clear out. She was getting rid of so many old photos and letters and I took them all. Some of them were my grandfather’s letters to her from India, describing the war and what happened in Singapore. They are fascinating from a historical context, but also for hearing his words and knowing him better as a person. 

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you so far this week?

I got back late from a meeting last night and went up to see my youngest in bed. He told me a completely irrelevant story about meatballs, then drifted off to sleep holding my hand.