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Corporate governance

Governance has been defined in the following terms:

Governance is about how local government bodies ensure that they are doing the right things, in the right way, for the right people, in a timely, inclusive, open, honest and accountable manner.

It comprises the systems and processes, and cultures and values by which local government bodies are directed and controlled and through which they account to, engage with and, where appropriate lead their communities.

(Source: 'Delivering Good Governance in Local Government' published by CIPFA/SOLACE)

The council has adopted a local code of governance which gives an overview of the council’s arrangements for governance. Each year the council approves an annual governance statement which appraises and considers improvements to the council’s governance arrangements.

The way in which the council operates (who makes decisions and how decisions are made) are set out in the council’s constitution, which also contains the codes of conduct and protocols which members and officers of the council are expected to observe.

Governance and audit committee

The council has established a group of members in connection with corporate governance; the governance and audit committee. This committee has responsibility for:

  • overseeing the council’s audit arrangements (internal and external) and risk management
  • monitoring and reviewing the council’s governance arrangements
  • approving the council’s statement of accounts
  • considering amendments to the council’s constitution and making recommendations to full council accordingly
  • considering standards issues

Complaints that a member has failed to comply with the code of conduct for members are considered by a Code of Conduct Panel. If you have any observations or queries on the council’s governance arrangements or you should wish to make any suggestions for improving them, please contact us.

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