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School complaints

School complaints procedure

Schools are required to publish their complaints procedure on the school website. If you wish to complain about a Bracknell Forest School there are a number of distinct stages which you must follow. Please note that Academies will have their own complaints procedures.

If you have a complaint about a member of school staff you should approach the Headteacher.

If you have a complaint about the school’s Headteacher you should miss out stage 2 and begin at stage 3.

Stage 1 - informal discussion and resolution

Please approach the school and make an appointment to see a class teacher or other member of staff as appropriate. Experience shows that most difficulties can be resolved in this way.

Stage 2 - investigation by the Headteacher

If you are unable to resolve your concerns through informal discussion with a member of staff or the Headteacher, you will need to submit your complaint in writing to the Headteacher. They will investigate the situation and report any findings or decisions back to you.

Stage 3 - review by governing body

If your complaint is still not resolved, you can send your complaint in writing to the Chair of Governors, via the school. They will decide the most suitable way to deal with your complaint.

In the first place the governors are likely to try to resolve your complaint informally. If this is not successful they may decide that your complaint should be considered by a committee of governors. A committee will not include any individuals who have previously been involved with your complaint. The committee will report their decision to you.

Stage 4 - local authority investigation

If you have followed stages 1 to 3 but still feel that the school has not handled your complaint in accordance with its own published complaints procedures, you are entitled to ask the Director of Children, Young People and Learning to examine how it was dealt with. The council will not re-investigate the original complaint, only the manner in which it was dealt with by the school.

Stage 5 - further options

Individuals have the right to contact the Secretary of State for Education with regards to the way their complaint has been handled. However no action will be taken until both the school and LA procedures have been exhausted. More information about each of these stages and time scales is given within the complaints procedures published by each school.