Council staff and departments

Council staff

Whilst elected councillors provide the policies, paid employees (council officers) put them into practice.

The council employs over 4,000 staff. These include school teachers, social workers and staff responsible for a wide range of services.

Council departments

Adult Social Care, Health and Housing

This directorate offers advice and information about the range of social care and housing services that may be available to support you as an individual or as a family (if you are over 18).

Children, Young People and Learning

This directorate provides a range of support and services for children, young people and their families to help them achieve good outcomes in life.

Corporate Services

This directorate contains 8 separate departments, responsible for a range of functions. These cover direct public services, (eg Customer Services), core management responsibilities (eg setting standards), and support to council services (eg ICT).

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Environment, Culture and Communities

This directorate provides a range of universal services such as: planning, building control, leisure and culture, parks and countryside, highways and transport, street cleansing and waste collection, regulatory services.

Chief Executive's Office

This directorate is led by the Assistant Chief Executive, who supports the Chief Executive by coordinating and delivering key corporate and community priorities.