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Call in procedure

The Overview and Scrutiny Commission and panels can scrutinise executive decisions that have been made but not implemented. They can do this through the ‘call in’ mechanism.

When a 'call in' can be made

Decisions of the executive are published within 2 working days. There is then a 5 working day period before the implementation of the decision in which members are able to 'call in' the decision.

The necessary number of members for a 'call in' is:

  • the chairman and any 2 members of the commission
  • any 5 members of the council

If members 'call in' the decision, the commission must meet within 15 working days to consider the issue.

During this period, the decision taking process is suspended. If no call in occurs, the decision is adopted.

What happens next

If, having considered the decision, the commission remains concerned about it, they may refer it back to the decision making person or body for reconsideration.

If referred back, the decision maker will then reconsider the matter within a further 7 working days. They will amend the decision, or not, before adopting a final decision.

If the commission decides not to refer the matter back, no further action is taken and the decision can take effect.

When the call in procedure does not apply

The call in procedure does not apply where the decision is considered urgent. For example, where any delay caused by the call in process would seriously prejudice the council’s or the public’s interests. This should be clearly stated in the record of the decision.

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