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Climate change - the council’s approach

Climate change strategy

We are currently working towards finalising a climate change strategy.

We will achieve this through 4 strategic principles:

Action plan

Our action plan has 2 main strands:

Currently, we have:

  • 42 live projects
  • 5 of these projects reflect emissions that the council has direct control over
  • 18 of these projects reflect emissions that we can influence within the borough
  • 19 of these projects are a combination of direct control and influence

We are planning to publish our climate change strategy early next year (2021) and then will present progress reports on a yearly basis.


    Addressing man-made climate change isn’t a new policy area for the council, or the council’s thinking and planning.

    February 2007

    We signed up to the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change.

    PDF iconNottingham Declaration140.55 KB

    January 2013

    We signed up to Climate Local. This is the Local Government Association’s successor to the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change.

    We issued a Climate Change Action Plan reflecting our commitment under Climate Local. This was revised and updated in 2016.

    June 2019

    A climate change motion (motion 02/2019) was agreed at council.

    This stated that:

    “This council strongly believes in the need to continue its work to address the impact of man-made climate change on our local communities. To this end, this council asks the Executive to develop detailed action plans with measurable ambitious annual targets and an annual report to address this pressing matter to ensure that the council meets the government target of eradicating its net contribution to climate change by 2050.”

    January 2020

    Cllr Paul Bettison, OBE, Leader of Bracknell Forest Council, made a statement on climate change in January 2020

    Our carbon footprint

    In 2019, the council commissioned the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) Energy to help us calculate our direct (scope 1 and 2) carbon emissions. These represent the emissions which are in the direct control of the council and can be used as a benchmark to measure future progress.