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Travel and transport

Travel and transport is a key area of work related to climate change.

Below are some highlights of our work in this area.

To find out more information about air quality in Bracknell Forest, visit the Public Protection Partnership website.

To get involved in active travel, or to simply find out more about our sustainable travel scheme, please visit our Eco Rewards scheme pages.


Improvements to A3095

Work started in 2020 on improving the A3095 Crowthorne Road at the Hanworth and Golden Retriever roundabouts to reduce congestion. Work is due to be completed in 2021.

The work includes:

  • adding a ‘fly-through’ lane on the central island of the Hanworth roundabout for south-bound traffic and installing traffic signals at the junction
  • converting the Golden Retriever roundabout to a crossroads with traffic lights
  • extending the entry and exit lanes for both junctions
  • introducing new pedestrian and cycle crossings on Nine Mile Ride and the A3095 Crowthorne Road at the Golden Retriever junction
  • providing a traffic light junction, including pedestrian crossings at the Ringmead junction with Hanworth Road
  • incorporating a ‘greenway’ initiative throughout the work to enhance the natural environment 

View more information about the A3095 improvements


Sustainable transport

Walking, cycling and the use of public transport has continued to be promoted in marketing campaigns. This has resulted in annual bus travel increasing by 13% between April 2017 to April 2018.

Between May 2018 and May 2019 there was a:

  • 2% increase in the number of people walking
  • 13% increase in bike journeys

Find out more on our active ways to school page.


LED street lighting

We began upgrading all our street lights to greener, more energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) technology. This work was completed in 2019.


Electric vehicles

We support the shift towards cleaner-emission vehicles as part of the wider aim to tackle the causes of climate change. Completed in 2017, electric vehicle charge points were installed at public multi-storey car parks.

To find out more, read our electric vehicles page.

Transport promotion

In 2014, we supported the introduction of Personal Travel Planning for businesses and targeted residential areas, using funding from central government. This was part of the Local Sustainable Transport policy.


Local Sustainable Transport Funding

We secured Local Sustainable Transport Grant Funding of £1.6 million. Between 2012 and 2015, several projects benefitted including:

  • working with local employers to reduce the congestion and emissions caused by single occupancy car commuting
  • working with schools to encourage more cycling
  • working with targeted residential areas to encourage more sustainable travel modes
  • renovating Bracknell bus station
  • providing real time journey information to allow more informed travel choices
  • improving our ability to manage the major traffic junctions in the borough so they operated more effectively


Improvements to A322 / A329 corridor

Staged improvements to A322 / A329 arterial route to provide a better managed traffic flow, resulting in reduced vehicle queues and improved air quality.

These works included:

  • Coppid Beech Roundabout -  full signalisation and additional circulatory lanes
  • Jennett’s Park Roundabout -  partial signalisation
  • Twin Bridges Gyratory - full signalisation of the northern section of the roundabout and further capacity improvements
  • Horse and Groom Roundabout - extended dualling of the Downshire Way
  • Sports Centre Roundabout - additional circulatory lanes
  • Hilton Roundabout - traffic signal optimisation with adjacent corridor improvements
  • Coral Reef Roundabout - replacement of the existing roundabout with a fully signalised crossroads