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About the Council Plan

The Council Plan sets out the approach we are taking to address the financial challenges ahead and deliver the commitments made in the 2015 election manifesto.

This approach is expressed in a new narrative for the organisation that we believe is right for the challenges we face:

  • Bracknell Forest is a good place to live with a mainly affluent, well educated and independent population
  • the council will provide leadership and work with others to keep the borough a place where all residents can thrive and benefit from core services - what we do ourselves we aim to do well, but we must prioritise to live within our means
  • we will provide an essential safety net, and target this to people and areas with greatest need - in targeting our services, we will continue to prioritise early help and prevention so struggling or vulnerable people can maximise their opportunities to become independent

The plan sets out 6 strategic themes:

  • value for money
  • a strong and resilient economy
  • people have the life skills and education opportunities they need to thrive
  • people live active and healthy lives
  • a clean, green, growing and sustainable place
  • strong, safe, supportive and self-reliant communities

Each strategic theme is linked to key measures of success and performance indicators. The narrative, strategic themes and key measures provide the framework for us to deliver our new approach and be a council that can adapt and innovate to keep Bracknell Forest a good place to live.

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Timothy Wheadon

Timothy Wheadon
Chief Executive
Bracknell Forest Council