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About the Council Plan

The Council Plan sets out the key objectives for the period 2019 to 2023 to deliver the commitments made to residents in the 2019 local election manifesto. It puts these election commitments made into the current financial context to provide the organisation with a strategic direction and framework to meet the challenges ahead.

The council will provide the strong leadership, financial stability and corporate governance to make sure that core services are maintained and also find a framework for delivering services that allows us to adapt, innovate, find new ways of working and, in some cases, reduce what we do.

The plan focuses on the things that matter most to our residents which is at the heart of everything the council does and is based upon a narrative which recognises Bracknell Forest as “the borough of opportunity."

We will prioritise spending wisely based upon clearly identified needs targeting in particular:

  • reducing our impact on climate change
  • making sure early help is available for our most vulnerable residents to keep them safe and to help them remain independent whist avoiding loneliness and isolation
  • reducing homelessness
  • developing all age learning and life skills
  • maintaining value for money

To deliver on all our objectives and make sure that Bracknell Forest stays prosperous and remains a good place to live, work and play, we have focused our Council Plan on 6 strategic themes:

  • value for money
  • economic resilience
  • education and skills
  • caring for you and your family
  • protecting and enhancing our environment
  • communities

Each theme is underpinned by a number of annual priorities that take the council towards the achievement of the 4-year key objectives. These annual priorities will be included in individual Department Service Plans which also contain key performance indicators reflecting the priorities and day to day operations.

Progress against the Council Plan will be reported by a quarterly overview report from the Chief Executive. At the end of the financial year an annual report will be published summarising progress made over the year.

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