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A strong and resilient economy

strong and resilient economy

Bracknell Forest is an excellent place to do business – we will support our existing companies, seek to attract new ones, continue to regenerate Bracknell town centre and invest in strategic infrastructure to allow the economy to grow and create prosperity for all.

Measures of success

The key measures of success are that: 

  • the borough is regarded as an excellent business location
  • the new town centre opens in September 2017
  • a thriving town centre is supported by coordinated town centre management
  • local residents have high levels of employment and incomes
  • improvements in strategic infrastructure have been made to reduce congestion and improve traffic flows
  • businesses are supported and encouraged to play an active role in the community

Performance indicators

The performance indicators are the:

  • quantity of vacant commercial/office premises in the borough - only for 2016/17
  • percentage of vacant commercial/office premises in the borough which are Grade A - only for 2016/17
  • number of newly incorporated businesses
  • business survival rate - only for 2016/17
  • business closure rate - only for 2016/17
  • unemployment rate
  • percentage of working age population in employment
  • average earnings
  • percentage of the borough covered by superfast broadband
  • average journey times per mile during the morning peak