Post-pandemic renewal principles

The council and its partners have a clear community leadership role.

We will continue to adapt to the impact of the pandemic on our communities. We may need to re-prioritise some objectives in the Council Plan.

Financial pressures are likely to increase and decision making must reflect this.

The overarching priority is the health and economic wellbeing of residents.

Against this context we will:

  • work with partners and communities to protect and promote the physical and mental health of our population
  • support town and neighbourhood centre vitality and try to support our local economy by retaining businesses within the area
  • provide short term support and refocus some activities to deal with any spikes in demand
  • integrate services with partners and try to locate them within the community that uses them
  • try to involve the community and voluntary sector in supporting people and services

We will do this while also:

  • containing and reducing our expenditure in the long term (including refocussing, delivering differently or stopping some services)
  • maximising opportunities to address carbon reduction