Chief Executive’s Office service plan for 2022 to 2023

The Chief Executive's Office:

  • deliver corporate communications to safeguard and enhance the organisation’s reputation
  • support business change to make improvements to the way that services operate and achieve savings
  • coordinate the development of the council’s strategic plan, corporate policy and performance management framework
  • take action to maintain community cohesion, advance equalities and inclusion and support community engagement

We do this by:

  • enabling the delivery of a portfolio of change programmes
  • by working with partners on cohesion, equality and community engagement
  • by delivering clear, compelling, timely and accurate communications

Our services

The Assistant Director for Chief Executive's Office is Abby Thomas. The directorate provides the following services:

Communications and Marketing

Led by Alayna Razzell

  • Communications and Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Media and Publications
  • Town Centre Events

Community Engagement and Equalities

Led by Harjit Hunjan

  • Community Partnerships
  • Community Development
  • Strategic VCS Support
  • Equalities
  • Community Hubs and Centres

Business Change

  • Change Management
  • Programme and Project Management
    • People Programme
    • Cross Council Programme

Policy and Performance Management

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Corporate Complaints
  • Performance Reporting
  • Strategic, cross council projects


Strategic priorities

Our strategic priorities are set to achieve the objectives within the Council Plan.

View our strategic priorities

Key performance indicators

We publish our key performance indicators (KPIs), along with quarterly progress reports, in relation to the council plan.

View our KPIs

Operational priorities

Each directorate has their own operational priorities.

View our operational priorities

Budget position

Revenue budget

For the Chief Executive's Office, the gross expenditure cash budget is £1.779 million with £-0.010 million of income, making a planned net spend of £1.789 million. The gross budget includes £1.364 million for staffing.

Business Change is excluded from the base budget as these costs are met from reserves.


The 2022 to 2023 budgets include savings of £0.007 million.

The key themes adopted in making the savings were a reduction in supplies and services budgets across the Chief Executive's Office.

Capital budget

The 2022 to 2023 capital programme for the Chief Executive's Office is £1.400 million. This budget will increase in year when carry forwards from prior years are confirmed and S106 funding is drawn down for the Binfield Community Centre works to be undertaken.


The budget includes pressures of £0.003 million. These pressures can be analysed into the following broad categories:

  • staffing pressures of £0.003 million

Financial risks

The Chief Executive's Office have identified no budgets that can pose a risk to the Council’s overall financial position, principally because they are not vulnerable to significant changes in demand for a service.