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People directorate quarterly service report - budget position

Revenue budget

The original cash budget for the people department was £48.848 million. Net transfers out of £0.346 million have been made bringing the current approved cash budget to £48.502 million. In addition to this amount, there is a budget for Dedicated Schools Grant and other income of £100.218 million to fund the Schools Budget which is outside the control of the council where there have also been net transfers in from reserves of £0.592 million making a gross budget of £100.810 million. Within the Schools Budget, £23.442 million is managed by the council on behalf of schools.

A breakdown of the budget and the budget changes processed this quarter is available below.

The forecast outturn for the department is £54.569 million (£6.067 million overspend on the current approved cash budget, an decrease of £0.017 million from the last period). For the Schools Budget, the outturn forecast is £2.970 million (£2.377 million over spend, a decrease of £0.016 million from the last period).

A detailed analysis of the variances this quarter is available below.

The department has identified the following as budgets that can pose a risk to the council’s overall financial position, principally because it is vulnerable to significant changes in demand for services.

The current position is as follows:

Table showing potential budget risks.

Service area

Budget £000

Forecast outturn £000


Looked After Children – accommodation, care costs and allowance payments



The budget assumed an average of 119.0 high cost placements throughout the year at circa £44.3k each. There are now (30 November) forecast to be 127.2 (+6.9%) at circa £55.0k each (+24.1%).

Externally purchased Adult Social Care



This is a volatile area, dependent on number of clients, complexity of care, health funding and the availability and capacity of local providers. The budget is split across the four teams, ACT, CMHT, CMHTOA and CTPLD. The budget assumed in-year cost reductions through the Transformation Programme.

Capital budget

The original capital budget for the People directorate was £15.370 million. The Executive approved £11.794 million of under spending from 2018-19 to be carried forward resulting in a total budget of £27.164 million. At this stage, no significant matters have arisen.

A detailed list of schemes together with their budget and forecast spend is available below.