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Appeals procedure for learners

If a learner disagrees with an assessment decision, they can appeal using the procedure below. The aim is to resolve the issue within 14 working days after it has been raised or as soon as is reasonably practical.

Appeals procedure

Stage 1 - talk to the assessor

The learner should raise any problems, questions or queries with the assessor concerned within 5 working days of the assessment decision, or as soon as is reasonably practical.

Stage 2 - appeal in writing

If the issue is not resolved or the learner feels unable to discuss this with the assessor, they should put their appeal in writing. This appeal documentation should be sent to the internal verifier.

The internal verifier must discuss the appeal with the parties involved and review all the relevant documentation before making a decision.

The internal verifier and assessor should reply in writing within 7 days, stating the outcome of the appeal.

Stage 3 - independent review

If the outcome is unsatisfactory to the learner, they may request that the issue be referred for independent review. If this happens, 2 independent reviewers will meet with those involved to discuss the issue and review all relevant documentation at the earliest opportunity.

The decision reached by the independent review will be final. A record will be kept and copied to all parties concerned.

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