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About transformation

We are transforming the way we provide services across the council to save more than £25m by 2020. Our transformation project, which started in 2015, will not only reduce costs, it will ensure we provide smarter and more modern services for our residents, businesses and visitors.

Our transformation project was accelerated in response to the government cutting our funding by 80% as part of the plan to reduce the national deficit by 2020.

Work has already started to refocus and reprioritise the way we provide services across several major areas, including:

We have also reviewed how we work internally and have started to restructure a number of our support service teams.

Three additional services will be looked at in 2017/18:

Work to transform these services will take place after a thorough review has been completed.

Other areas we are working on to help shape our transformation include:

  • reviewing our property and creating one public estate (this includes consolidating our town centre offices into 1 building in 2018)
  • aligning of services more closely with the NHS
  • looking at income generation opportunities

All ongoing work and future work is in line with the council’s 6 strategic themes:

The council is committed to consulting with residents and service users on all major changes and assessing how those changes will impact on communities.

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