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Risk of serious harm

High risk of serious harm

If you have identified the victim as being at a high risk of serious harm:

1. Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC)

First of all:

  • speak to your agency’s Designated MARAC Officer (DMO) and complete a MARAC referral, with or without consent, through Modus
  • if your agency does not have a DMO, contact the MARAC Administrator for your area on the Police non-emergency number 101
  • inform the Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA) through Modus referral
  • the IDVA contacts the victim and represents their views at the MARAC meeting

2. MARAC meeting

Then the MARAC meeting takes place and information is shared.

3. Action plan

Lastly, the action plan is agreed and agencies flag and tag files.

Standard or medium risk of serious harm

If you have identified the victim as being at a standard or medium risk of serious harm:

  • consider immediate and long term risks and needs
  • risk can fluctuate so regularly review risk levels and decision making
  • discuss basic safety planning with the victim
  • make sure the victim knows where to go for help
  • signpost to consent-based referral Berkshire Women’s Aid (referral form and DASH RIC required) - call 0118 9504003
  • consider signposting and referrals to other services (see cue card and services map)
  • for cases involving the most harmful and serial perpetrators, consider a referral to the Multi Agency Tasking and Coordination (MATAC) - email: