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How to prevent cycle theft

More and more people are discovering the benefits of cycling. It’s a great way to get fit, save money, do something great for the environment and enjoy yourself. More people are now using cycles to get to and from work and sales are booming.

Together with Cycling UK, we have put together some tips and advice about how you can keep your bike safe.

Keep a photo of your bike and a note of its description

Take a couple of pictures with your phone and note any ID numbers. Also, make a note of component parts such as gears and brakes.

Register your bike

Register your bike with either Immobilise or Bike Register.

This will increase your chances of recovery if your bike is stolen.

Consider insurance

Check if losing your bike is covered in your home insurance.

For more expensive bikes, insurance could be worthwhile. Also consider third party liability.

Secure your bike storage

Make sure the place you keep your bike is secure.

Some people keep expensive bikes in their house. If you keep yours in a shed or garage, consider how secure it is.

A lot of bikes are stolen from sheds and garages so a few pounds spent on extra security will be worthwhile.

Get a good cycle lock

Quality matters - cheap locks are easily removed.

Bike thieves have no trouble removing cheap cycle locks with simple tools. Don’t make things easy for them by using a cheap lock. Try to put locks with chains or cables through the frame as well as the wheels.

Securing your bike in public

Leave your bike in a public, well-supervised cycle park preferably covered by CCTV.

If you leave your bike somewhere in public, choose a location that is covered by CCTV if you can. Make sure to lock it securely.

How to report a stolen bike

You can report a stolen bike on the Thames Valley Police website.