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Proof of age cards (PASS)

Anyone aged 12 to 25 years who is living, working, studying or regularly visiting the borough, can apply for a free e+ PASS card.

The application process can be started online and completed by showing proofs and having a photograph taken at our Time Square office or a Bracknell Forest library.

You will need to bring proof of your address and official photographic proof of your date of birth. If you are under 16, a parent or guardian should also attend and act as guarantor for your e+ application.

Proof of age and identity

For PASS card applications, the only acceptable forms of photographic age and identity proof are:

  • passport
  • photo driving licence
  • another PASS accredited card such as CitizenCard
  • original MOD ID card

Proof of address

A recent bill or bank or building society statement from your home address is also necessary to verify that the address is current and valid.

If you don't have these proofs

If you don't have any of the above proofs, you must complete either verifier form A or B. The following should help you decide which form to use.

Verifier form A

Use e+ PASS Verifier form A if your personal details and date of birth are already registered with an official organisation such as a school, NHS dentist or bank. This is the preferred option. Further details are in the form.

PDF icon Verifier form A34.06 KB

Verifier form B

Use e+ PASS Verifier Form B only if you don't have an official record that can be used to validate your current personal details using Verifier Form A. Further details are in the form.

PDF icon Verifier form B149.91 KB


For either form, a verifier for PASS proof of age:

  • may not be a close relative, your guardian, your foster parent or carer
  • must know you sufficiently to verify your identity
  • must give their occupation and work contact details, including a land line telephone number at their place of work on the form so we can contact them

What happens next

After you have sent us your form and the accompanying documents, we will contact the person who has acted as verifier to confirm the validity of the application before a PASS card is issued.

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