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Other uses

Organ donor register

When you register for an e+ card, you are offered the chance to register your details with the Organ Donation and Transplantation service at the same time.

You will be asked to give your consent for the council to share your personal data with the NHS Blood and Transplant Service.

Your e+ card will show the organ donor logo.

The NHS Blood and Transplant Service will register you according to the preferences you select. They will write to you directly, sending an organ donor card and notification of the details they have registered.

If you later decide you wish to remove yourself from the register, you will need to contact NHS Blood and Transplant directly.

R-bus journeys

R-bus community transport journeys are now being managed through the passenger’s e+ account. R-bus passengers can check their current journey balance online at any time and make sure they are in credit.

See the R-bus page for more information.

BFC My Choice

BFC My Choice applicants reaching the top of the housing register who have no photo ID and no address proof, can be issued with an e+ card through the housing team.

When bidding for properties the cardholder can show their e+ card to potential landlords proving they are the person eligible to sign the lease.

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