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Register to vote

How do I register?

You can register to vote online at GOV.UK.

Registration is under a system called Individual Electoral Registration.

Each resident aged 16+ from a country on the list below is required by law to register as a voter.

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If you're unable to register online, you can:

To find out more go to GOV.UK - Your Vote Matters.

Am I already registered?

Contact us at to check whether you are registered to vote.

Timetable for registering

Rolling registration

You can update your registration at any time of year by visiting GOV.UK

You might need to do this if you move house or your details change.

You'll be notified of the changes to the electoral register in writing. You may want to keep this as proof of your registration.


The current Register of Electors runs from 1 December until 30 November and is updated monthly.

There are no monthly updates to the register during September, October or November when the next register is being compiled.

This timetable shows the dates the register will be updated and when applications for those dates must be made.

Deadline for registering to vote in an election

To be registered to vote in an election, you must make your application by the end of the 12th working day before polling day.

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