Count Assistant role description

Job purpose

To work as part of a team sorting and counting ballot papers quickly but accurately, whilst under pressure and under observation of candidates and agents.

Duties and responsibilities on count day

You will:

  • work in a team as chosen by the Returning Officer, Elections Team and Count Supervisor
  • bring in ballot boxes and sort Presiding Officer equipment if required
  • verify and count the number of ballot papers in a ballot box and recount if required
  • alert the Count Supervisor of any doubtful ballot papers as instructed
  • tidy up and make good the count table and count venue
  • avoid making conversation with candidates, agents and guests
  • always keep the secrecy of the ballot
  • stay politically neutral
  • carry out any other Count Assistant duties as required

As well as the duties listed, you may be asked to take on other tasks appropriate with your pay level.

Person specification

Essential skills

You must:

  • have good communication skills and the ability to follow instructions
  • have good administration skills and attention to detail
  • be a team player and have a flexible attitude
  • be punctual, reliable and calm under pressure

Desirable skills

Previous experience as a Count Assistant is desirable.