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The UK standard number of Ringer Equivalence Numbers (REN) is 4.  This means the number of phones or equivalent equipment that can be connected simultaneously to one line is four.  Your normal telephone and Lifeline Alarm count as two pieces of equipment.  An answering machine, internet connection or fax-machine each count as one additional piece.

Please note that by signing this agreement you are consenting to all calls being recorded for quality assurance and monitoring purposes and to data being supplied by you being processed by Forestcare.

The Council maintains the right to sub-contract delivery of its Lifeline service.

A new Key Safe purchased from Forestcare has a one year warranty.

If the client purchases an electrical extension lead from Forestcare this is sold with a one year warranty. 

Personal data

All Personal data provided for the purposes of this Agreement are protected by the Data Protection Act 1998 and when no longer required will be disposed of in a secure manner.  You have a right to access the information we hold on you under the Freedom of Information Act.  If you want to see your file you will need to put your request in writing enclosing a cheque for the £10 administrative fee and allowing two weeks for us to respond.

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