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Services provided by Forestcare

Forestcare (The Council) will provide the following services:

Supply and install their Lifeline community alarm unit which is connected to the Forestcare control centre which provides an emergency monitoring service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

In the event of an emergency call being received, Forestcare will contact the appropriate emergency service OR a key holder as appropriate.  In this circumstance the client agrees to give `REACTIVE` access to their home (as defined in the Telecare Services Association Code of Practice). A key holder is a person(s) nominated by the Client as someone to be contacted in the case of emergency or distress and to whom they give permission to access to their home using a key when there is a real or perceived emergency. 

If there is no response to an appointment planned visit we will advise the Control Centre, ring in to the home, contact any next of kin and leave a card.

If there is no response to an emergency visit (where we are the key holder) we will use the key safe to gain entry to the property.  If we can not gain entry we will inform the Police and ask for a welfare check.

We do not authorise forced entry.  We can only ask the Police to carry out a welfare check and act as they see fit.

In the event of a non emergency call being received Forestcare will endeavour to resolve the query as far as this is reasonably practicable.

Forestcare may decide that no one should be notified of a call to us if the client themselves or the circumstances of the call lead Forestcare to believe that (a) the Client’s call was made in error; or (b) the Client’s call was an inappropriate use of the system; or (c) that the Client was not in danger or distress and did not require assistance.

Forestcare may override the Client’s wishes if the operator considers that it is in the Client’s best interests to do so and may make contact with whoever is most appropriate.

Forestcare own and are responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. In the event of a critical fault or health & safety concerns such as frayed cables being reported Forestcare will endeavour to rectify or replace the equipment within 48 hours.

Forestcare shares information with other appropriate agencies such as Social Services, Health, and the Emergency Services where they reasonably believe that this is in the interests of the Client’s well being.  This includes passing details to the Fire Service for them to carry out a Fire Safety check.  The Client gives permission for Forestcare to disclose their personal data for this purpose.

In the event of any suspected or reported abuse to our client of a physical, sexual, psychological, financial, discriminatory nature or act of neglect we will advise the relevant authorities immediately following our own Safeguarding procedures.

We welcome all feedback on our services and will deal with any complaints or comments in accordance with the Council’s complaints procedures a copy of which you will receive in your Lifeline pack.

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