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Accessing your family member's care details

The family portal allows you to view details of your family member's care provision online from any device.

Using the portal gives you direct access to care visit information, without the need to contact the care agency or us.

Access also enables you to:

  • view care delivery as it happens - see the time of the visit and the care worker's name for all visits happening on that day and the next
  • view planned care in the future
  • view and search history of care in over the previous 6 months
  • have peace of mind

How do I get access?

You must complete a family portal access request form.

To request this you can:

  • phone the care manager supporting your family member (if known)
  • phone Adult Social Care on 01344 351500
  • make an online enquiry

When we receive the form we will set up your access and email you with the details. You will then be able to start using the portal.

Contact information

Adult Social Care

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