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How much will I have to pay for my care?

Our charging policy makes sure that we fairly assess how much you will need to contribute to costs.

We have included more information in the fees and charges document.

Free services

Some of our services do not need you to make a contribution. These are:

  • assessment, support planning, care management and intermediate care
  • community equipment services costing less than £1,000
  • services for children except where the child has, in their own right, substantial income or capital which generates income

Rate of contributions

The amount you will be asked to pay is determined by your finances. This means you will never have to pay more than you can afford.

We calculate your contribution as follows:

  • if you have more than £23,250 savings or capital (excluding the value of your main home) you will have to contribute the total cost of your support
  • if you have less than £23,250 savings or capital the council will financially assess you to work out how much, if anything, you will contribute towards your support - you will pay the ‘assessed contribution’, or the cost of your support, whichever is lower; this will be the maximum you are assessed as being able to contribute

If you don't want to tell the council about your finances, you can opt to pay the full cost of your support.

More information about how the assessed contribution is calculated is in our paying for care guidance.


The council is committed to making sure it uses a consistent and fair method of asking people to contribute to their care and support costs.

However if you are not happy with a decision made in regards to your contributions, you can contact us to ask them to check the details you have been given.

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