Community information champions

Help your friends and family stay up-to-date with the latest facts and information around COVID-19 and how it is impacting the borough, by being a community information champion.

The council will send regular messages to champions by email. This information can then be forwarded on to friends and family or other contacts by:

  • forwarding the email
  • copying the message into WhatsApp, Messenger or a text
  • sharing the information when you speak to your family and friends face-to-face or on the phone

Messages will be short and to the point so that champions do not have to do any research or editing.

Sign up to be a champion

Anyone can become a community information champion. The council encourages people from all communities to come forward.

All we ask is that you send the information on – that could be to just one person or 100 people, depending on your family, friends and network.

Become a community information champion

Send us feedback

Community information champions can also let us know when:

  • information is unclear
  • information needs myth-busting
  • fake news is circulating within the community

Send any feedback to

The council will use this feedback to refine and improve messages in line with what the community needs information on, while challenging fake news reports.