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About advocacy for children

Young people who are involved with our children’s services and have a social worker can ask to have an Independent Advocate.  This is someone who listens and helps a young person to have their voice heard in those decisions made about them.

You have a right to be listened to and have your views taken seriously, but sometimes it can be difficult to say how you are feeling. We can help you arrange an Independent Advocate.

What is an Independent Advocate?

It is someone who doesn’t work for Bracknell Children’s Services. They will make sure you get your views across and your voice heard. They are on your side and work for you.

You might already know someone that can support you, a person you can trust for example a teacher, youth worker or personal adviser. Or it could be a volunteer, someone independent who is trained to be an advocate. You can discuss who you think would be best with your social worker.

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