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There is currently an issue which means that some council tax direct debits will be taken out early. Find out more about the council tax issue.

How is my data kept safe and secure?

All the data we process and hold is kept safely and securely within our IT systems. We do not disclose any data to a third party who is not identified on our licence agreement with NHS Digital. 

Any data requests received from a third party will only receive anonymised and aggregated data to a level that complies with the Office of National Statistics Disclosure Guidance or, if we are required to do so for legal reasons.

Person identifiable data at an individual or household record level will never be shared. We will only ever share data that has been combined to an aggregated level where it is no longer identifiable. If there is only a small number of individuals reported when the data is aggregated then the number will be removed or withheld, as there is a greater likelihood that someone may be able to identify an individual if it is not.

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