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How is my information used?

We hold the following data collections that contain various types of data about individuals and populations:

Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)

We hold pseudonymised records about health care and treatment you may have received in any English hospital in the form of HES. This includes inpatient and day case admissions, outpatient appointments and Accident and Emergency attendances. This data is supplied by NHS Digital (previously the Health and Social Care Information Centre) to us under licence. We do not hold identifiable HES data.

Primary Care Mortality Database (PCMD)

The PCMD provides us with access to identifiable mortality data as provided at the time of the registration of the death, along with extra General Practice details, geographical indexing and coroner details where applicable. This includes:

  • address
  • postcode of residence of the deceased
  • postcode of the place of death
  • NHS number
  • date of birth
  • date of death
  • name of certifier
  • cause of death

Our access to the data is based on our geographical boundaries. We are only able to securely access the database by use of the NHS Open Exeter system using an N3 internet connection.

Births data tables

This dataset provides us with access to identifiable data about the number of births that occur within our geographical boundaries. It includes the address of usual residence of mother, place of birth, postcode of usual residence of the mother, postcode of place of birth of child, NHS number of child and the date of birth of the child. This data is only supplied to us by NHS Digital under strict licence and data disclosure controls.

Vital statistics tables

This dataset is aggregated together so that it does not identify individuals. It contains data on live and still births, fertility rates, maternity statistics, death registrations and cause of death analysis by our geographical boundaries. This data is only supplied to us by NHS Digital under strict licence and data disclosure controls.

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