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Childcare vouchers

Childcare vouchers are available to all eligible staff (male and female) who have parental responsibility for a child.

The council’s childcare voucher allows employees to make significant savings on their childcare costs. Sodexo is the current voucher provider.

As a salary sacrifice scheme, you can opt to have part of your salary paid in vouchers, to make a saving on tax and national insurance.

Using the vouchers

Vouchers are easy to use and very flexible.

They can be used to pay any Ofsted registered Day Nursery, Childminder, Afterschool Club or Playscheme.

They can also be used to pay other carers if they are ‘approved’ as part of a government initiative.

Vouchers can be managed online to pay your carer.

The value of your childcare vouchers will be deducted from gross pay by way of salary sacrifice.

Vouchers can be used until:

  • 1 September following their 15th birthday
  • 1 September following their 16th birthday if they are registered as disabled

The maximum value of vouchers you are able to receive will depend on whether you are a higher rate tax payer.

Visit the e-voucher online system and follow the instructions.

Payment through salary sacrifice

Any deductions or additions to your salary are made monthly. Deductions are made by salary sacrifice. This may affect future levels of maternity, sickness and redundancy benefit.

Voucher amendments

If you currently receive childcare vouchers and would like to amend or stop your vouchers, please log on to the website and amend them online.

During maternity leave

If you do not chose to cancel your vouchers before you go on maternity leave (which some employees do), vouchers stop when you go into the period of statutory maternity pay and no pay. 

You will be able to restart the vouchers when you return to work.