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Frequently asked questions

Which leisure centres can I book online?

Online bookings are available at Bracknell Leisure Centre and Downshire Golf Complex.

Which activities can I book online?

Activities you can book online include aerobics classes, Forest Spa, racquet sports, golf tee times, pitches and courts (inside and outside).

How many bookings can I make in a 24 hour period?

The number of bookings you can make in a 24 hour period is specific to the activity. Please see the section on booking rules at each site below.

Can I pay online?

Yes, using Mastercard, Visa, Electron and Maestro cards.

If you are a member, you can choose to pay on arrival or can pay online by clicking on the tick box labelled Pay before selecting Pay Now.

If you are not a member, you must pay online to complete the booking.

How do I cancel a booking?

Non members

Web bookings can be cancelled at any point before you submit your booking. Once a booking has been made and paid for you will need to telephone or visit our reception in person.


Once an online booking has been made, any of your bookings that are unpaid can be cancelled online. To cancel a booking:

  • log in
  • select ‘My Account'
  • select ‘My Bookings’
  • click on the 'Cancel' button
  • tick the booking(s) you want to cancel
  • click on ‘Cancel Booking’

If the cancel button does not show then the booking has been paid for. This means you will need to contact the relevant centre in person or via telephone to cancel.

Any cancellation fees follow the same policy as for bookings made by other means (walk in, telephone).

Platinum members

If you are booking an activity included in your membership, your class will appear as £0.00 and cannot be ‘paid’. You will need to check in at reception to get your ticket. If you don’t, you may get arrears which will have to be paid otherwise your online bookings may be blocked.

How can I view my future bookings and see if I've paid for them?

Log in, then go to My Account then My Bookings. All future bookings are shown; those booked online, via telephone or at the site. You can also see if you have paid or whether any money is still due.

When can I make bookings?

If you are a member, you can book 15 days ahead. If you are not a member you can only book 10 days ahead. This is the same as for bookings made via telephone or walk-in. For example, on 12 January a member can book online up to and including 27 January whereas non-members can book online up to and including Thursday 22 January.

Are there booking rules at each site?

Please refer to individual centre's terms and conditions for use of the facilities. Each site has booking rules. This is to manage the booking process and give the greatest availability to all the people who attend the centres. There are different booking rules for each activity (for example, squash and badminton). The rules are listed below.

Downshire Golf Complex

There is a maximum of two consecutive tee time bookings every 24 hours, for example, 8.00 and 8.08. There is also a maximum of two bookings that can be made in the same day.

For each tee time, a maximum of 4 golfers can play. The online golf bookings will show this as one single tee time. A player will book online to reserve the specified tee time. Please note that single-player bookings are not permitted.

If a non member is booking this tee time they will have to pay their individual green fee when they book. Members will have the option to pay in advance online or pay on arrival. All other players in the group due to play at the same tee time can pay at the Downshire Golf Course either in advance or on the day.

Bracknell Leisure Centre

Tickets for any activities that are booked online must be collected from Reception on the day of the activity and not before. Customers are advised to retain their tickets during their activity as spot checks are frequently made.

You can book up to 2 consecutive time slots for any activity. For example, squash courts can be booked at 9am and 9.40am consecutively, but not 9am, 9.40am and 10.20am consecutively.

You must not book 2 simultaneous activities.

Customers can make a maximum of 5 bookings a day using the online booking system. These can be up to 15 days ahead for members, or 10 days ahead for non-members.

An email will be sent to you upon completion of your booking, plus a separate email if you have paid for the booking.

Members and non members can visit the Customer Service Desk to register or update their details with the centre.

Bracknell Leisure Centre - sunbeds

All sunbeds may be booked online. In order to book a sunbed:

  • you must leave at least 24 hours between sunbed sessions
  • you should not make more than three bookings in a week
  • you should not make more than 20 bookings in a year
  • you should not book sunbeds if you have pale skin - please consult your doctor before use
  • you should not book sunbeds if pregnant
  • if you suffer from any medical conditions or are taking any medication you should consult your doctor before use

Bracknell Leisure Centre - cancellations

Booking cancellations for all court and class bookings:

  • more than 24 hours' notice - no charge
  • less than 24 hours' notice - full charge
  • non attendance - full charge payable on next visit
  • activity tickets not collected from reception will show as a non attendance and will incur an arrear charge


The right of customers to book courts and classes will be withheld if the account is in arrears. This charge must be paid within 7 days otherwise the use of all facilities will be withdrawn until the debt is cleared.

Are there any additional membership fees to pay?

Non members must pay day membership. For example, if you book badminton or squash as a non member this includes 2 day membership fees. If you book as a member no day membership fees are included. Any additional non-members who accompany you must pay on arrival.

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