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Birthday parties

Eric the owl wearing a party hat
Table showing prices for birthday parties

Type of party

Price per child

Birthday party with catering


Birthday party (self catered)


Set A ​​​​​​

Party bag A

Set A contains:

  • small notepad
  • rubber critter
  • chupa chup
  • dino glider

Set A costs £1.65.

Set B

Party bag B

Set B contains:

  • stretchy smiley man
  • whoopee putty
  • rubber critter
  • chupa chup
  • marble

Set B costs £2.45.

Set C

Party bag C

Set C contains:

  • small notepad
  • polished gemstone
  • sand animal keyring
  • stretchy smiley man

Set C costs £2.60.

Set D

Party bag D

Set D contains:

  • marble
  • bubble tub
  • mini notepad
  • tongue creature

Set D costs £2.85

Set E

Party bag E

Set E contains:

  • my magnifier collection
  • break your own geode
  • mini notepad

Set E costs £3.50.

Set F

Party bag F

Set F contains:

  • pocket magnifying glass
  • polished gemstone
  • stretchy caterpillar

Set F costs £4.05.

These party bags are already discounted by 10%. If you choose not to use our party bag service, you will still receive a 10% discount card to use in the gift shop.

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