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The science exhibition

Our zones

At The Look Out Discovery Centre, we love hands-on science. We have over 90 activities which children of all ages can enjoy and learn from.

Our activities and exhibits are organised in 'zones' which correspond with what your child may be learning about at school. We hope that a visit to The Look Out will help them to experience how exciting science is.

Forces and movement

Child playing

It’s time to lift off! Launch a hydrogen rocket or send a huge hot air balloon skyward. See the world suspended mid-air by our Bernoulli blower.

You can also make a mini animation, build a tower with Kapla bricks or create beautiful music on the giant keyboard.

Body and perception

Children playing

Challenge your body and brain. Test your reaction speed on Batak, or create an amazing design with our art machine. Can you solve the jigsaw of the human body?

You can also discover our DCT lab where you can play with our magnetic wall or make your creations fly high into the air on our wind table.

Woodland and water

Little boy playing with water

Play with boats in our indoor stream and build a dam in the steam. Can you make the wheels dance on the turntable?

Learn some incredible facts about our local wildlife and become fascinated by the colony of busy leaf-cutter ants.

Please note that the Woodland and Water Zone is outside but under cover.

Insect enclosure

Boy looking at animals

The forestry themed exhibit is home to a whole range of wild insects, amphibians and reptiles. Among the host of animals housed in the enclosure you will discover: 

  • hissing cockroaches
  • giant millipedes
  • African land snails
  • giant prickly stick insects
  • black beauty stick insects
  • a marine toad
  • a corn snake
  • leafcutter ants

The insect enclosure is labelled with fun facts about the creatures so that you can see what they are and learn a little about each one.

Light and Colour

Playing in a light and mirror box

Have some colourful fun with Optimusic - step on the colour beams as fast as you can. Capture your silhouette in the shadow box or play a tune with laser beams.

You can also play with our thermal imaging camera and leave your shadow on the wall.

Build It!

Child playing

Become a member of The Look Out construction crew by helping to build the house. Great teamwork is required!

You can use the rubble chute and drive the dumper trucks to transport giant building blocks around the construction site. Climb up scaffolding to tile the roof or design a house at the architect's table.

Please note that the Build It! Zone is outside but under cover.

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