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e-magazines and e-newspapers

Get free access to thousands of e-magazines and e-newspapers on your PC, tablet or smartphone using PressReader or RBdigital.

With these services you can:

  • download titles to read offline using the apps, or read titles instantly online on the web
  • get enhanced digital replicas of your favourite newspapers and magazines that look just like the printed version, or you can read using a screen-friendly format
  • read past issues of magazine and newspaper titles

PressReader e-newspapers and e-magazines

PressReader offers access to:

  • over 7,000 e-newspapers and e-magazines from across the world in over 60 languages
  • over 100 UK and Irish newspapers include many of the UK daily newspapers such as The Guardian, Daily Mail and Telegraph, including weekend titles and supplements, and local newspapers
  • over 300 UK magazines covering everything from homes and gardens to sports and entertainment, even The Beano and The Week Junior for children

Titles hit PressReader as soon as they’re published, so you always have access to the freshest content.

You can print articles, listen to audio narration, and translate content from around the world in up to 18 languages.

PressReader on a smartphone or tablet

You can browse and download titles free of charge at any time from any location using the free app. To do this, follow these steps:

  • visit your app store to install the PressReader app
  • open the PressReader app and select 'Sign in' from the main menu
  • select the 'library and group' icon, enter 'Bracknell' as your library service and enter your full library card number (if you already have an account with PressReader then you will need to log out before signing in with your library card)
  • a new user box will open up:
    • to create an account, enter your details and click agree, you can now save articles and share stories
    • if you do not wish to create an account, click on the cancel at the top of the screen

Please note, if you didn't create an account, it will look like you haven't signed in. However, your 30 days access to PressReader will be active.

If you can see a green coffee cup it means you are signed into the app. You may find it easier to exit the app and then re-enter to check that you are signed in.

You can now read newspapers online or download to read offline for 30 days on your device. After 30 days you will be prompted to sign in again using your library card number.

At the end of the 30 days, simply sign in again with your library card number to reactivate your free access for a further 30 days. Reactivate as many times as you wish.

You can also use the library wifi to access the PressReader app without logging in with your library card number. Log your device into BFLibFree wifi, open the app and you will have automatic free access for 3 days to download titles to your device or stream content online when you have an internet connection, even after you leave the library hotspot.

PressReader on your computer

Please note: titles can only be read online. It is not possible to download titles from the PressReader website to read offline, only using the app.

To use PressReader on your computer:

  • visit the PressReader website select 'Sign In' and click the ‘Library and Group’ button
  • enter 'Bracknell' as your library service and enter your full library card number
  • a pop up box and a green coffee cup will confirm you now have access to the site for 30 days to read newspapers online in your web browser, after which time you will be prompted to sign in again using your library card number

Once logged in you can personalise your account and read publications online for free in your web browser.

You can access PressReader on any Bracknell library computer or using the library wifi (BFLibFree) without logging in or creating a PressReader account. Simply visit PressReader and you will automatically gain free access for 3 days, even after you leave the library hotspot.

Please note: every 30 days, go to your account, sign out and then back in again with your library card number to reactivate your access for another 30 days. You may reactivate as many times as you wish. If you are asked to pay for PressReader, do not proceed. Go to your account and sign out and then sign back in by selecting your library name and entering your card number.

RBdigital e-magazines

Visit RBdigital to access titles including Amateur Photographer, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Hello, Web User, New Scientist and The Economist.

There is no limit to the number of magazines you can check out or how long you can have them.

RBdigital on your computer

To choose and read e-magazines on your computer:

  • go to the Bracknell Forest RBdigital website and register to create an account. For e+ cards beginning 633, please omit 633 and enter the remaining digits
  • browse through the magazine covers or use the title search to choose the e-magazines you wish to read – you can click on a title cover to see the issues available
  • select ‘checkout’, and then ‘start reading’ to immediately read the magazine in your browser
  • select ‘keep browsing’ to choose more e-magazines - your checked out magazine titles appear in ‘Checked Out’
  • to delete unwanted titles go to ‘Checked Out’ and click on the rubbish bin icon next to the magazine cover

RBdigital on a smartphone or tablet

The RBdigital for Libraries app is available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire HD/HDX. To read e-magazines on your mobile device:

  • visit your app store to install the RBdigital app
  • tap "Not a member? Register now" to create an account - choose UK, Bracknell Forest Libraries and then enter your library card and user information
  • browse through the magazine titles or search by title
  • tap ‘checkout’ to borrow a title and ‘read’ to open a magazine
  • go to the main menu button (top left-hand corner, 3 horizontal lines) and select ’checked out’ - you can now tap 'return' to return any checked out magazine or select the cross in top right corner of the cover to delete the title

You can keep magazines permanently, with no limit to the number you have, but you may want to return them to free up space on your device.

Kindle Fire users

To install RBdigital for Libraries on your Kindle Fire you need to enable your device to accept apps from “other” non-Kindle Store sources. (Settings > More > Device > Allow installation of Applications (from unknown sources) > select "ON")

Need some help?

For more information and frequently asked questions on RBdigital please look at the RBdigital help pages. You can also look at our own guide to using RBdigital.

For help using PressReader, please visit the PressReader help centre.

If you can’t find an answer to your query or you need help please use our enquiry form.

More free online newspapers and magazines

Library members can also access in the library or at home these online resources:

  • European Newsstream - using a library public computer - full text access to over 430 archived, searchable European and UK national and regional newspapers, newswires and journals from the 1990s to the present day
  • European Newsstream - at home - full text access to over 430 archived, searchable European and UK national and regional newspapers, newswires and journals from the 1990s to the present day
  • Times Digital Archive 1785 to 1985 - fully searchable, with photos, cartoons, sports results, personal notices and adverts

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