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Library charges

Overdue charges

This charge is per item, per loan period.

Table showing overdue charges

Type of item

Charge (per day)

Maximum charge

Adult books

30p per item


Children’s books borrowed by adults

20p per item


Children’s books borrowed by children

10p per item


Teenage books borrowed by young people

10p per item


Spoken word and music recordings

30p per item


DVDs and computer games

70p per item


Hire charges

Table showing hire charges

Type of item


Children’s spoken word


Spoken word


Spoken word for members who are registered blind or partially sighted


Computer games, DVDs and music CDs (first 3 months of release)


Computer games, DVDs and music CDs (3 months to 2 years old)


Computer games, DVDs and music CDs (over 2 years old)


Vocal scores and orchestral sets (multiples of 10 per week)

Price on asking

Please note: Computer games and DVDs are issued for 1 week. Music CDs are issued for 3 weeks.


Table showing charges for requests

Type of request


All Bracknell Forest stock

60p per item

Annual subscription - unlimited (12 months - April to March)


Annual subscription - unlimited (6 Months - October to March)


Children’s books


For all registered disabled people

30p per item

For those in the leisure saver scheme

30p per item

Other authorities and the British Library

Requests from other authorities, or the British Library will be charged a £1 non-refundable deposit for this service in addition to the charge listed below.

Table showing request charges from other authorities and the British Library

Type of request


First 10 items

£5.50 per item

British Library (subsequent items)

£16.50 per item

British Library (subsequent periodicals)

£12 per item

British Library urgent service

Price on asking

British Library urgent service (student concession)

£22 per item

IT charges

Table showing IT charges



USB memory stick (4GB)

£5.50 each


£2.10 a pair

Guest internet ticket

£3.90 per half hour


Table showing charges for printing



Scanning and printing - self service

20p per A4 sheet

Scanning and printing - by staff

£5.40 per A4 sheet

Scanning and printing - on photo paper

£6 per A4 sheet

Printing - black and white

20p per A4 sheet

Printing - colour

50p per A4 sheet

Printing - on microfilm

40p per A4 sheet

Prining - on photo paper

60p per A4 sheet


Table showing charges for photocopying



Black and white - A4

20p per sheet

Black and white - A3

40p per sheet

Colour - A4 (Bracknell library only)

80p per sheet

Colour - A3 (Bracknell library only)

£1.90 per sheet

Meeting room hire

Table showing charges for meeting room hire

Hire length


Half day


Full day


Hourly rate for block bookings


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