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Heathrow Airport - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow with Alan Gallop

Listen to Alan Gallop talk about his book 'Heathrow Airport – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow’ which tells the story of Britain’s premier airport from the building of its first runways and first operational day on January 1 1946 right up to today’s plans to build a controversial new runway for the future. 

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About the author

Alan Gallop

Alan Gallop is a journalist and author of 11 books. His latest book is ‘Heathrow Airport – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.’

He has also written books about:

  • Buffalo Bill’s adventures touring Britain with his Wild West Show
  • a 19th century Yorkshire mining disaster
  • a biography of the explorer Henry Morton Stanley
  • the story of the last British submarine to be lost at sea
  • a history of German U-boats
  • the story of the Tolpuddle Martyrs
  • how Orson Welles frightened Americans to believe that they were about to be invaded by Martians

Alan was a news reporter at Heathrow for 12 years covering a wide range of stories for the national media, radio and television. For 20 years he ran his own PR company representing airlines, tourist offices, public utilities and freight operators. He lives in Surrey.

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