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Life, Death and Cellos with Isabel Rogers

Isabel Rogers reads from the first two Stockwell Park Orchestra comic novels in the series, and talks about how being a musician lets her mock this amateur orchestral world with affection and accuracy. It is a world of tone-deaf divas, a lot of alcohol, and custard creams.

Questions and/or heckles are encouraged.

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About the author

Isobel Rogers

Isabel Rogers is the author of the Stockwell Park Orchestra series. The first book in the series Life, Death and Cellos was chosen for BBC Berkshire Read’s Book of the Month. It has been described as:

“A witty and irreverent musical romp.” - Claire King 

“Sharp, witty and richly entertaining.” - Lev Parikian 

“Retro humour bordering on farce.” - Isabel Costello

Bold as Brass is the second in the series and is due out in July. As well as writing fiction, Isabel writes poetry. She won the 2014 Cardiff International Poetry Competition and was Hampshire Poet Laureate 2016.

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