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Talk and workshop with Susan Purcell

The A to Z of the English Dictionary

We talk of the dictionary as we talk of the bible, as if there were only one, but in fact there are thousands of very different dictionaries. In this light-hearted talk Susan will consider some of the great names in dictionary-making and will show how dictionaries have developed over time.

The language of cryptic crosswords

In the land of cryptic crosswords Etna is a volcano in Vietnam and Meg Ryan is an actress from Germany. If you want to know why, then learn how to decode the language of cryptic crosswords in this introductory workshop. Perfect for the seasoned crossword fan or lover of words.

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About the author

Susan Purcell

Susan Purcell is a linguist, teacher and author of over 25 books on the subjects of language, reading and phonics.

She loves to give light-hearted talks on how dictionaries are compiled, word origins and how to solve cryptic crosswords, and has also spoken on the use of clichés, unusual words and the language of texting.

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