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Talks on India with Anjana Chowdhury

About A Taste of India

A fascinating discussion on Indian culture and society as portrayed in literature. From the days of the British Raj to the present, novels set in India abound with characters who represent the society of their time.

What influenced Anjana to write about social inequalities? Question the myth versus reality on cultural mores, prejudices, class struggles and caste divisions. Has attitude towards women changed? Does caste system still exist? Discuss the pros and cons of arranged marriages and find out some secret family recipes.

Come prepared for a fun challenge, “Name that Spice”, and get to model for a saree or turban wrapping demonstration at the end!

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About The Changing Role of Women

Join us for an intriguing discussion on literature, education, gender roles and society in India.

Watch in wonderment as the discussion “wraps” up with an explosion of beauty and colour with Anjana’s saree demonstration.

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About the author

Anjana Chowdhury

Anjana Chowdhury is a British Asian author who was born and raised in India.

Her debut novel Under the Pipal Tree – a story of identity, secrets and social prejudice – was shortlisted for the Yeovil Literary Competition and won the Cinnamon Press Debut Novel of the Year 2015.

Anjana has worked as an English language teacher and has lived in the UK, France and Holland. She is currently working on her second novel and enjoys rap music and ballet.

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