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The client's responsibilities

The Client must:

Provide a Telephone line with Plug and Socket Telephone (PST) connection (standard in the UK) together with an adjacent 13 amp electric power point and keep the unit plugged in and switched on. Advise us if their telephone provider changes and take responsibility for checking the policy of their line provider with regard to Telecare alarm calls if they are not with BT.

Be responsible for the payment of the telephone line rental and the cost of all calls, as well as the monitoring/rental charges from Bracknell Forest Council payable in advance either monthly by direct debit or quarterly invoice by cheque/cash.  NB The weekly rental is payable when the Client is away from home (eg on holiday, in hospital or respite care) and advise us if they change telephone providers.

Use the equipment for contacting Forestcare when assistance is required in an emergency eg ill-health, accident, home care request or other genuine emergency.

Allow the Council to respond to emergency calls in such a manner as the Council considers appropriate which may include calling the police for a welfare check in the event of no answer, where there are no key holders available.  Any subsequent repair costs will be the Client’s responsibility.

Test the lifeline pendant on a monthly basis so that we know it is working.

Allow and maintain access at all reasonable times for the servicing, repair or testing of equipment by authorised personnel or to disconnect and de-programme equipment following the termination of the Agreement.

Maintain arrangements for key holder access.

Report any fault, damage or health & safety concerns ie frayed cables immediately to the Forestcare Centre using the 24 hour telephone number given.

Take care of the equipment and accept financial responsibility for the repair or replacement of the equipment in the event of loss, theft, accidental or wilful damage.

Pay a call out charge when we have attended to repair a fault which turns out not to have been caused by our Lifeline.

Provide the up to date personal information necessary to provide the service.  We need to know of any changes to the client’s health, medication, key holders, key safe number, next of kin information, OR if they move to a new address etc.

Advise Forestcare of any prolonged periods of absence from the premises. Put through a test call upon return home especially if returning from hospital or respite care.

The Council is not liable to the Client for any loss or damage arising from the installation and operation of the Forestcare equipment, or the Council’s monitoring role under this Agreement except where such loss or damage arises from the negligent act or default of the Council, its servants, or agents.

Consent to all calls being voice recorded and your personal data being collected, input and stored (processed).

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