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Termination and variations of the agreement

Termination and variations of the Agreement:

At any time in the 21 day period from the date of the Lifeline installation this Agreement may be terminated by the Client. The client should contact Forestcare on 01344 786500 and advise us that they wish to terminate the Lifeline agreement.  Provided this is done within 21 days there will be no charges made to the client. In the instance of a 6 week free referral from a professional / a ‘Takeaway’ lifeline, the 21 day cooling-off period will be included in the 6 week free offer.

The charges are reviewed each year in April and you will be advised in writing of any changes.  There may also be a change in costs if you purchase additional services from us or individual sensors are added or removed.

Following the 21 day period referred to above the Agreement may be terminated by either party giving to the other no less than two weeks notice.  If the Lifeline has been installed for more than 21 days but less than 3 months a full quarter’s charge is payable.  Charges will be incurred until all of the equipment is returned to Forestcare.

When terminating the Agreement, the client must arrange for the equipment to be returned by post to Forestcare (a pre-paid jiffy bag will be sent out).

On rare occasions the Council may terminate the rental agreement due to abuse or inappropriate use of the system or non-payment of invoices.  The Council will keep the Client fully informed of its decision and advise any interested parties such as Social Services and family members.

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