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What the council will not do

The council will not:

Accept responsibility for any failure on the part of any individual, helping agency or agencies contacted to obtain or give appropriate help or assistance.

Guarantee to use its own resources to respond to an emergency call in the event of the Client’s own contact being unavailable although it may endeavour to do so, circumstances permitting.

Be liable for any deficiency in the service resulting from circumstances beyond its control, for example breakdown in the telephone service, electricity supply, misuse, strikes, lockouts or other industrial disputes.

Carry out a routine visiting service or provide personal care (See the Forestcare Responder Service for this option).

Guarantee that the emergency call will be dealt with within a specific period of time from the acceptance call, although ensuring it will use its reasonable endeavours to provide a speedy and efficient response to every call.

Will not arrange for a forced entry to take place and will not take responsibility for repairs to the property or making safe following the Police forcing entry where they deem appropriate.

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