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The Look Out On The Road


Some of our most popular shows at The Look Out are available to come to your school hall.

Each show can run up to 4 times a day, with up to 35 people in each session. Each session lasts for 35 to 45 minutes.

We charge £295 per day plus mileage at 85p per mile.

Slime Show

Fantastic fluids take the stage in this gooey, gungy extravaganza! Explore the amazing properties of slime and find out why it behaves in such strange ways. Discover the secret of making your own home-made slime!

Yucky You

Find out why our bodies are yucky! How much hair do we lose in a day? Why does tartar form on your teeth? What causes you to burp? What happens to food when you eat it?

Boggling Brain

Discover the wonders of your brain in this fascinating show. Why do you remember things? How does your brain control co-ordination and how can you fool it with optical illusions and tricks?

Big Dinosaur

Find out who ate who in the dinosaur world and how we know about it. Help us recreate the smell of a T-rex (yuck!) and find out lots more dinosaur facts.

Call us on 01344 354400 to find out more about these shows, and to book.

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