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What happens after making a full plans application

Once your application form has been received, we will acknowledge receipt within 7 days and send you full guidance notes.

We will then check the submitted details for compliance with the building regulations. All applications are checked within the statutory period of 5 weeks. We may then request additional information or amendments from you or your agent.

To allow the submission of additional information and/or amendment details, the deadline may be extended to 2 months from the deposit date.

Once we are satisfied that the plans show compliance with the regulations we will issue an approval notice.

If minor amendments or information are required we will conditionally approve the application to save the need for a new re-submitted application. The outstanding conditions can then be cleared when the information is available.

Building work may start 24 hours after we receive the full plans application, although all work is carried out at your own risk until full approval is gained.

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